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This morning when I woke up I didn`t remember where I was and the first thing on my mind was how COMFY can a bed be? Oh lord could have stayed there forever. But, no no no. I took my camera senior for a walk. Left the map home by intention ofcourse. 

I took a few steps and immediately bumped to a super cozy soup restorant that im going to try tomorrow. Then I kept on walking towards old looking buildings and saw this beautiful church. When I was just going to walk past it, it started raining like crazy so I had to go in and stay there for almost an hour. Was actually very nice to just sit there in silence. 

Then i had to go and try some pralines at a chocolateria. Tahiti Vanilla and Nötkrisp were they called. 

Rest of the day I just wondered around and ate. ALOT. My first impression on Malmö is waaaaay better than what my expectations were. I tought that I would see Molotov´s cocktails and gang violence but noooooh. Pretty old buildings, normal people (why are swedish people always so stylish?? ) and good food. Tomorrow im going to try YOGA!! And I have my first day of the new school. SO nervous. 

Now im off to see a finnish friend at a coffee shop.

Smell you laters !

– A-K

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