Fasting and Furious

Thursday. It’s fast becoming one of my least favourite days of the week. Keyword being ’fast’. I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet since spring, with Oli joining me about a month ago. I have to admit I’ve cheated a number of times. I think the low point was when I was trying to open a packet of peanuts in the kitchen without Oli hearing. And to think that prior to this diet we had no secrets…

For the uninitiated; 5:2 is the diet where you eat normally, except on two non-consequtive days in the week when you limit yourself to 500 calories. Even with my constant cheating this is the only diet that has actually worked for me. It’s easy to do, well at least 5 days out of 7. My fasting days are Tuesday and Thursday. Normally as long as I’m busy at work, I can make it to dinner time no problem at all, and then have 500 calories worth of vegetables on one go. But today…. Today I’m so hungry I could eat the packet of Beroccas on my desk. It doesn’t help that it’s a particularly boring and quiet day at work. 



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