What is good life?


First thing I wanted to wrote about is happy life. What is it? Is it important? How can I have it?

So first of all let me tell you a secret, there isn`t such a thing as a completely happy life. Everyone will have good moments and bad moments. They come and go and usually you can`t really affect to it. In everyones life there will be regrets, losts, sacrifices and battles. There will also be laugh, happines, joy and love.

Now your propably thinking ”what is good life then????”.

Well to me good life means something you want to live in most of the times. Having a good life doesn`t mean having a perfect life, it means you have battles, you fight, you survive and you want to live. A good life is something which is personal, you cn think you have good life and somene else may think that you don`t. Where we come to the most important thing in life…

…The most important thing in your life should be YOU no one else just you. It doesn`t mean you have to be selfish and always think just about yourself. What it really means it`s if you don`t have you, what do you have then?… Yep that`s right you have nothing. You don`t live for others you live for yourself. You do you and you have every right to it as long as it doesn`t make huge damage to others lives.

What everyone else thinks doesn`t really matter in the end, when achieving a good life. The only person who have to accept our feelings, memories, and all our actions is ourselves. When you learn to love yourself and accept yourself and everything what has happened in your life you will grow strong and on that point what everyone else thinks doesn`t matter to you anymore.

That is where the good life starts. It starts inside you. No one else can`t make you think positively, no one else won`t make you mentally strong, no one else can`t change you. It all comes in you. When you are happy with yourself, you are hppy with your life. Of course it doesn`t mean one can`t have good moments while hating its self but when you don´t lie yourself  it will shw in your life and your life isn´t happy in that case.

Being happy is at least partly a dicesion, if you don`t want to be happy you won`t be happy. Human brains are easy to manipulate. When you die, to be able to say you have had happy life you need to have accept yourself. Then you can die happy and whole.

So it is pretty simple isn`t it? You don`t need fancy car, lots of money, ood looking partner, fancy clothes, high education etc. You need just yourself !!!!!!!!

But ofc these are just my thoughts, lots of love to you all.

xoxo, lin

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