i hope i could explain your eyes

as the hallway so wide you don’t know where to walk

usually i close the window not until i’m just about to go to bed

but that night i don’t

someone knocks my ribs and no one answers

i know norah jones

muscle by muscle i long

you greasing my feet in the middle of the unfinished night

when it’s too hot to sleep

but it’s always nice to put the charger back in its socket after a trip

wondering if you’d need it with you soon after all and



maybe he’s rushing back home right now that he could let me know he’s available

so i’d suggest we’d meet and then we’d meet

and he could keep on pretending he didn’t care

and little by little he’d stop pretending and see I’ll always suggest

and just didn’t care anymore or

did and showed it to me

or maybe he’s not even giving me one thought

maybe he’s hard to reach

maybe he’s scared

i still hope he’d let me know anyhow

i’d say let’s go home for a change



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