Summer is really on in NYC! It's been so warm lately, so an apartment without an AC in is out of the question.. luckily we have one (it makes crazy noises though that are driving me nuts during the night...). But I love this. I love the heat, despite the sweating and feeling uncomfortable at times and having to shower two times a day. I don't care... I love it anyway. Summer is the time when I feel at my best and after this long and cold winter I feel like everything is ok again and I can relax and enjoy. Also NY really blooms up during summer in every way! There's something to do every weekend, so staying home can almost make me feel guilty sometimes.  

Rockaway Beach

Pink Mammoth Festival

It's been so much going on. Not only in my private life, but also at work. We are having summer camp right now and even though it's difficult at times, I just feel like I love what I do over and over again. It's the best feeling ever and together with summer and everything I just hope this feeling never fades away. Today we celebrated Midsummer at work and I made these flower wreaths for our class and we all weared them during our day and everyone was so cute that my heart melted. Now I'm off to meet D and our friends and we are going to celebrate Midsummer in a citylife way :) Love love love to all of you and Happy Midsummer!



At Memorialday weekend Monday was off, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and book flights. We were looking at so many different options, but Chicago was on our top list from the beginning and we also managed to find a very good deal, so we decided to go there.

We had a very early flight on Saturday so we arrived to Chicago already at 9 in the morning. The day felt super long because of that and we saw a lot of things already during that day. Chicago felt so clean and beautiful straight from the beginning. It looked a bit like NYC, but so much cleaner, more relaxed and the lake and rivers that had an amazing turquoise color just made it so pretty. The city had a lot of high skyscrapers and is actually the first city to introduce skyscrapers to the world after the city burned down in 1871.

Cloudgate "The Bean" 


This is the Loop area and it has a subway train that goes around in a square outside and above street level. You can just take a little sightseeing tour and get a new perspective of the area. 

Wicker Park area... it's like Chicago's "Brooklyn" with a bunch of interesting vintage stores and an interesting triangle house.

During our stay we went to 3 different music festivals! Actually we didn't plan it, but as I'd heard already before, Chicago is a city with a lot of cultural things going on and the first night we saw one festival at the Millennium park, the next day they had a classical orchestra playing at the huge stage and after that we went to another festival a bit outside the center and just walked around and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that surrounded us. I felt like Chicago was more a my type of city and if the winters wouldn't be so cold, I guess I would prefer living there instead of NY. 

The city offers a lot of parks and outdoor space for everybody to enjoy. You can go kayaking, climbing, playing tennis or just walking in the park or swimming in the lake. It felt also very family friendly and full of nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright has designed this house in a very nice area with a lot of beautiful villas all around. It's quite far from the city center, but you'll get there by train in 30 min.

What made the city even nicer was the beaches by the lake. The lake looks actually just like the sea, but it's more calmer, clearer and I guess warmer too. In general Chicago is quite cold and windy, at least in the winter, but now the weather was nice and we went to the beach to get some sun after a day in the city. How nice wouldn't it be to walk straight to the beach after a day at the office? As you can see the beach is just next to the city center. Chicago has many beaches, this was the closest to our hotel. 

Picasso design statue.


Must do's in Chicago:

- The Loop L train sightseeing

- Brunch at Cochon Volant, amazing French restaurant with the best omelette I've ever had (not kidding)

- Boat trip by the river (you can rent kayaks too!)

- Music festivals 

- The view from the top of the John Hancock building (buy tickets online so you'll skip the first long queue in the beginning... then you'll have to queue some more later anyway)

- Take a mirror-selfie by the Cloudgate 

- Have a walk at the Pier

- Visit Wicker park and it's vintage stores

- Experience the amazing Millennium park




HI MAY! How time always flies during spring time. It's practically summer and the weather as usual is going nuts. We already had two crazy hot days with 33 degrees and then suddenly the next day 15 and now it's been just that or a bit more. Every morning I check the weather from my phone and figure out what jacket, shoes and clothes in general to wear. It's funny how fast you learn to pick the right things for every degree change and changing jacket and shoes every day is not a strange thing anymore.

During those amazing days I've tried to be outside as much as possible. I love walking in the Villages of Manhattan. They are my absolute favorite places here and especially West Village, 'cause I still feel there's so much I haven't seen and explored. I love trying new restaurants and NY is the perfect place for that, because there are just SO MANY restaurants to choose from :D Every weekend we go out for dinner with friends and usually try something new or something we already know is good. I also love visiting small boutiques and one of my latest purchase was this plant hanger that I just couldn't leave behind. I acctually bought it from Milan and then bought an Aloe Vera plant for it. I've never had an Aloe plant before, so we'll see how this goes.. Wish me luck... I'm no good with plants, so I'll need it ;)

Lately I've just been concentrating on work (it's always crazy before summer!!) and planning things like summer vacation etc. My gym closed down 2 months ago and it's been such a difficult thing (don't really know why :D) to choose a new one. Finally I made up my mind and opened a new gym membership. It feels so good to be back on track again. Btw have you ever tried or heard about PiYo? I love it! It's a class I take sometimes and it's so much fun. The name comes from Pilates and Yoga and it mixes these up and then has cardio etc. It's fun, but also very hard. I had never heard of it before, but now I'm a bit hooked :)

3 more weeks and then this school year is over and summer camp starts. I'm so waiting for that, this year has been quite tough and it feels so good to get summer and something different going on. I need a break :D Well last  efforts and then it's done. During summer I would like to write more, now I just don't have the time..., so we'll see about that!

Have a nice week!