Over and over

Here is a friendly reminder for everybody who have goals and dreams to reach but stumble down now and then:

Even if the results that you are seeing are not what you wish them to be, remember that you are still making progress! You are always learning things along the way no matter what. So keep on practicing and keep on doing the things you enjoy. Don’t give up if you sometimes fail or are not happy how things seemingly turn out to be. Instead learn to see all the good things that you already can do and have learned! 

There will always be something to be better at and that’s the whole beauty of learning and developing your skills or reaching after your goals. No one will ever be ready anyway so you might as well enjoy the ride = that is accepting the ups and downs as they show up.

Have courage and dare to do things badly at first. You cannot grow to be a master at anything unless you accept being a student first. Have confidence to fail, only then you can learn from your mistakes and get better at what you are doing! Again and again choose to do what inspires you and don’t give up! Life feels so much more meaningful when you give yourself permission to do the things you like even if it may include some stumbling along the way. ❤️ 





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  1. Kiitos kannustavista sanoista, Olen Aina niin positiivinen. Itse päivänsäde! T. Sis

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