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Makuuhuoneen sisustus on todella lähellä sydäntäni. Haluan, että makuuhuoneen sisustus on ylellisen kaunis mutta samalla sen pitää olla myös käytännöllinen. Kelly Hoppen antoi blogissaan viisi hyvää vinkkiä, miten luoda unelmien makuuhuone.

1. Designing your own bedroom gives you the perfect opportunity to express your personality, so write a list of everything that you want it to be. Visually, I think that the style should link with the other rooms in the house, but somehow be even more you in spirit. I believe in the importance of creating a mood board. It will be both an inspiration and a way of showing you whether you are doing something wrong. This is an essential part of the planning process and an excellent way of costing your ideas.

2. Think about natural light to wake up by and also at night for atmosphere. Good lighting and curtains or blinds are obviously a crucial element in this room. Not only do they allow you to alter the atmosphere, but they are something you see when lying down. In bedrooms and also bathrooms, having lighting that is both functional and pleasing to the eye from all angles and viewpoints is important.

3. Clutter is a stress factor, so make sure you have enough storage for your clothes, shoes and so on. No bedroom will be peaceful if it is messy so design your room so that everything has its place. Bedrooms often double up as home gyms or offices. Personally, I would resist the idea – how can you really enjoy your bedroom if you are surrounded by equipment that makes you feel guilty? If there is no option, then invest in a screen to hide the offending objects from view.

4. Good bed linen is an absolute must. If you are going to splash out for anything in this room, make that your priority (right after a comfortable bed of course!) You will never regret the extra cost. Linen sheets feel fantastic, but these days there are also excellent ranges of cotton. I love to use sexy, sumptuous bedspreads in wonderful touchy-feely fabrics. Bedrooms should be unashamedly sexy!

5. Make sure the room smells great! This, like all of the other elements outlined, adds to creating a space that is sensual, luxurious, indulgent and heart-stoppingly beautiful. Flowers will not only make your bedroom smell amazing, but will contribute to the serenity of the design of your space.



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