Unique 10 styles bridesmaid dresses for bridesmaids in 2015

On the wedding, except for the bride, the most eye-catching is belong to the bridesmaid group, and as a memorable wedding, bridesmaid dresses is also need to be beautiful!
different length bridesmaid dresses1 The mash of short and long length bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dress is need not be uniform, if it is make the small changes of the length, it is often achieved big visual effects.
different style bridesmaid dresses2 Do not limit the style

Bridesmaid dress is not simply to defined a uniform style, let your bridesmaids choose their most appropriate dress, it is also a good choice.
different color but the similar style bridesmaid dresses

Different colors but similar style short bridesmaid dresses

3 Different colors but similar style

Bridesmaids can also wear a different color, but the style or fabric can reach a certain, it loos both harmonious and unique.
mixed lace bridesmaid dresses

A variety of lace bridesmaid dresses

4 A variety of lace mixed

If you like romantic bridesmaid dress, you can try to long lace dress, every bridesmaid wear different fabric lace dress, it is special and beautiful.
different bridesmaid dresses for different season

5 Choose the dress according to the season

Bridesmaid dress is also be selected depend on the season, if the winter season, you wear summer style of you wear winter style on the summer wedding, this would be too garish.

bridesmaid dresses with different flowers

6 With flowers “comparable”

Today, it is no longer limited to the monotonous solid color bridesmaid dress, to put on beautiful skirt, to send the good wishes for the wedding.

the same color bridesmaid dresses7 The same color dress

If you do not want to wear the same dress, but you want to reach a certain unity, then you can choose the same color dress, it will be very good.

nature color bridesmaid dresses8 Return to nature

If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, then you can get inspiration from the nature, to wear dress which is coordinate with surroundings, it is a very nice idea.

rainbow bridesmaid dresses9 Rainbow dress

Like palette was knocked over as colorful bridesmaid dresses, the wedding is transformed a beautiful landscape instantly.

the same bandage bridesmaid dresses10 To reach unity in small details

Unified straps, unified strapless or uniform length, etc., do not have exactly the same, but to reach a consensus on the details, it will be feel a tacit understanding.

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