How Can My Marriage Survive an Affair

Surviving the Final Bubble Learning what energizes others can also be a powerful way to find a Thrival mindset. What energizes you?Remind yourself that you deserve more than just ”getting by.” Have you ever noticed that when we are asked: ”How was your day”, the expected, or most common answer is ”fine.” FINE is not a good word! False Intentions that Never Excite? 

 Why would you want any moment of your life to be fine? Get out of the mindset of ”I’m getting by” as it will destroy thrival in your life. It’s like kryptonite to Superman. Stop yourself when such thoughts arise in you. When someone asks you how your day was, do not say: ”I survived.” Or ”It was fine.” Make sure you think about the greatness of your day. How did you contribute to solutions? Who did you offer help? Where did you stretch and grow? A Warrior-preneur also listens for and cares about a real answer when they ask the question! So, How was your day? Seize opportunity. Opportunity will present itself in strange and wonderful ways. Sometimes it’s a call or emails you were not expecting. Other times it’s an offer to attend an event or meet someone for drinks. Are you quick to blow that off? Or are you able to see opportunity? Sometimes the POTENTIAL for opportunity is there, and we are quick to say no or turn it down. To have thrival you must understand that opportunities often present themselves only ONE TIME. And taking advantage of them when they do is critical to thrive.

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