Healthy American Pancakes (Glutenfree)

Here’s a recipe for really thick, yummy and filling pancakes! If you want to eat healthy and keep count on your calories this will really work for you. 

Oats are naturally gluten free (you can also get special gluten free oats), as is buckwheat, and chia seeds add some fiber and good fats. Don’t be afraid to use the tiny bit of oil in the mix; it makes the frying easier and again gives you some healthy fats




  • 40gr Oats
  • 20gr Buckwheat flour / Spelt flour
  • 10gr Chia seed (milled) 
  • 1 Whole egg / Egg white
  • 250mll Water / Almond milk
  • 5mll (1tsp) Oilve oil / Coconut oil

* You can replace buckwheat with spelt, and the whole egg with one egg white. Instead of water try unsweetened almond milk. For oil can use any kind of vegetable oil. 


  1. Grind oats into flour in blender
  2. Mix dry ingredients
  3. Mix rest of the ingredients with dry mix
  4. Let settle for a few minutes (chia seeds will swell in water)
  5. If mixture is too thick, add more water
  6. Fry thick American style pancakes on the pan on medium heat 





Pancakes taste the best with fresh berries!image.jpg image_0.jpgChia seeds, oats and buckwheat flour

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