When it doesn’t work, DIY

For the last time, hey y’all!

The course has come to its end. For the last post I decided write about a planner. My planner. Or well planners. Been a planner addict for about a year now – always used and been into calendars though, can’t live without one. I’m a one-planner kind of a girl. Or I was. And then my backpack just got so heavy. That’s when I decided to start doing memory planning in the big Recollections planner, kinda like a diary. I bought a traveller’s notebook to carry around and have all my important lists in it, too. And now this works, however as I needed the calendar for homework and such, I decided to try a horizontal one from Michael’s. I haven’t used a horizontal layout since the ninth grade, vertical is my thing. But it was cheap and easliy available.

Now here’s the point. It doesn’t work for me very well. The combination of not really finding the right thing for me, and having studied InDesign for the past three months, led me to just create my own. I might have to tweak it in the future, but for the new few months, I think this will work. And I’m so happy I got it done. Me. With InDesign. By myself. And of course I added a glitter cover. Because one thing I’ve learned here, is that glitter is ALWAYS an option, a good thing, and makes me and people around me happy.

Here you have my traveller’s notebook and the new calendar and some weeks from my big planner. Rainbow spreads spread onto two weekly spreads (yes, I wanted to write that sentence – try saying it five times in a row fast). The last spread is my birthday week.

Bye now, I’ll miss you Canada! <3










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