Open your mind

Hey you! Yes you - the university person. I stumbled on something, at least I find interesting and quite funny too. In a cleaver way funny. Ads for university...

So I was going through Google, trying to find a topic for advertising class and I stumbled on York University's ads from two years ago. There are quite a few of different pictures with different slogans (with the same idea though) and the campaign's name is "Open your mind". This sentence can be found throughout the ad series.

So the pictures represent something and the slogan in the posters are making us see the picture differently. Or at least we're supposed to keep an open mind and give it a thought. Or two. I gave them like five. They made my brain buzz. Or maybe it was the all-nighter and the second cup of coffee to a human system that doesn't usually consume caffeine. But anyway I found them to be very intriguing.

This was actually a huge multi-platform media campaign including social media, TV, print, a fair and whatnot. The website is still up, if you'd like to check it. Also for more information you can go to the York University's yFile. Underneath you'll find a few of my favourite images from the campaign.

And go on, give them a thought. ;)

Have a nice Wednesday - enjoy the rain. <3