Why I love Mondays – our week

I am one of those people who thinks that fresh starts are best on Mondays. A new week equals a clean slate. Before the kids Mondays went in a haze, tired from the weekend. Now Mondays are a new start with new energy. We have had enough of family time and the MR goes to work and me and the boys hit the gym in the morning to give me an extra energy boost for the week. 

Tuesdays is my clean up day, while E spends time in the park with a very nice lady and friends and M naps. 

Wednesdays I try to tackle the laundry and ironing. With three messy men in the house there is a lot of it. Not even starting with the MR`s shirts.. 

I hate Thursdays, by this me and the boys are tired of each other, run out of food and the cheer up of the day is our morning gym. Thank god for the babysitting facilities of Elixia! On Thursdays the MR usually has to work all evening so it´s just us three in the evening too. I try to invite friends over to keep me alive.

Friyay, gym – again. But this time we have company. My sister has a day off with her two boys so all the kids go in to the kiddie park and terrorize the lovely girls as we work out me screaming at my sister to man up. We have lunch together so the boys can play. Friday is usually also restaurant day as at this point I`ve had enough of cooking. 

Saturdays we try to spend as a family. Lazy mornings with some outdoors or shopping in the city and a peacefull nap time. We see as much friends as we can and Saturday evening is perfect for dinner and a few glasses of wine while the kids go crazy with each other.  

I try to to do all household shopping for the week on Sunday just to avoid the combo of a toddler and a baby with me in the supermarket. The house is somewhat clean and organized. 

And by Wednesday my plan is probably totally fucked up by running out of milk, an angry toddler, no sleep, the house is a mess and I look like a homeless hobo. But hey, a girl can dream right?

hyvinvointi terveys ruoka-ja-juoma vanhemmuus
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