New beginning

Hi from Barcelona!

It’s monday night now. Me and my best friend are sitting in our living room just near Placa Catalunya. Door to balcony is open cause it’s still kinda hot here, even in night time. The whole apartment smells like garlic because we just had pasta for dinner. From outside we can here somebody singing and people talking in the restaurant downstairs. Barcelona never sleeps and that’s what we love.

We moved here first week of june. Our plan was to work 2,5 months, then go back home and continue our studies. But as known, life’s not always go as planned. Summer here was amazing and in august we went back to finland. Behind us we left our apartment, lovely new friends, laid back lifestyle and sun.

So basically we just HAD to get back as soon as possible. Then something went right, and we both find places to do our internships. Me in production company & creative studio and she as an assistent for fashion designer.

Let us go! is our diary about life in here.

You can also wait for tips about Barcelona and cheap wines!

Hasta luego!

<3: Kaisa and Anna


Kommentit (2)
  1. Mä opiskelen elokuva ja tv- tuottamista ja andesta tulee keväällä vestonomi 🙂


  2. Sounds pretty good! mitä opiskelitte kun olitte suomessa?

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