Foo Fighters live @ Ullevi 12.6.2015

Sitting here  on a wednesday evening, trying to write down a few thoughts about the most spectacular night of my life, that happened last friday, 12.6.2015. I consider myself very lucky to have seen a LOT of good concerts over the years. Never ever did I imagine that I would witness something so special what I did at  Ullevi stadium at the Foo Fighters show. Have seen several great shows there but this was just something over the moon and it brings tears to my eyes when I think back. It’s on my mind the last thing at night and the first thing when I wake up. That one can feel so much love and respect for a band because that’s what I do. In general music has always been so very important to me, ever since I was a kid. Music is my best friend, never lets you down and I never feel lonely. I am happy as long as I can keep on listening to my favourite records.

About the show.. where do I start. Well, mayby  from the excitement when I bought the ticket the day they came on sale, so happy they would play in Gothenburg and at Ullevi since they didn’t come to Finland this time. When I finally stood there, inside the stadium having a great spot in the front row, I felt so happy and couldn’t wait for the gig to start. When the band entered the stage and  Dave started to play the tunes to ”Everlong”, I was in heaven. He walked out to the catwalk, looked so happy and full of energy, one just knew it would be an awesome show. He promised it would be a long night.. and it did. After he fell off the stage during the second song, ”Monkey wrench”, we all probably thought the show was over. It all happened so fast, everyone of course worried about what just happened, is he ok ?? The band stopped playing and after a while they show Dave on the big screen, lying on his back and holding a microphone. ”Ladies and gentlemen, I love you but I think I just broke my leg.” As he is carried away by medical professionals he explains that he needs to go to the hospital but that  Foo Fighters will be back and he says to Taylor, the drummer :”Taylor Hawkins, you better do it man, you better do it!”  The band does what Dave asked them to do and plays a song of their own and one cover, ”Stay with me” by the Faces. Then someone brings a chair on the  stage and I understand that there is hope, omg can he come back?! He does come back, carried on a stretcher, sits down on the chair , grabs his guitar and sings in falsetto to ”Under pressure”!! Do I need to tell the audience went totally nuts, the stadium just exploded! After that, it was just pure magic.. I have no words to describe how fantastic and special that gig became to be.

As Dave said: ”I got too exited” and songs like ”Walk” ( learning to walk again..) got a totally new meaning, he didn’t lose his great sense of humor for once. ” ”You better sing with me cause they fucking cut my favourite pair of pants”.

Then to the acoustic part, my gosh.. Chris Shiflett on acoustic guitar and Dave Grohl on vocals and crutches. We got to hear ”My hero & Times like these”. There is only one hero in that stadium that night and the crowd is singing those words back to him so loud and I cried like a baby.

When it was time for ”All my life” he said : ” If I could dance, I would dance to this”. That song is mind -blowing live and the fact that he is sitting on a chair with a broken leg playing that song and it sounds so fu**ing  good, is unbelievable. They play 25 songs,almost 3 hours. All the big hits, oldies like ”Enough space”and  covers like ”Let there be rock” and ”School’s out” and the show ends  with ”Best of you”, one of my favourites. With a broken leg and a voice that is almost gone, he thanks the crowd and tells us that he will never forget this night. Well, neither will we, who got to witness this magical night. I felt very emotional when I left the stadium, haven’t cried that much after a gig since 19.7.1996. It will take time to recover from this, I feel so much love right now!  Last but not least, the most important thing right now is that Dave is getting better. All my love & respect. – You are my hero –

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