Best Ab Workouts

One of the ways to make your training easy is to let other people manage it for you. This is where fitness gyms come in. Instructors there and fitness experts will know what kind of Ab workouts are the best in the field and of course, being a fitness gym, they will probably have the equipment for it. This article will give you an idea on what gym equipment to use and types of exercises to do along with the number of sets and repetitions.


Crunches for Beginners

For beginners, the best initial workout is doing crunches. For it to work, you have to do this work out in three sets with 25 repetitions in each set. Then, impose a three-minute rest in between set to prevent injuries.

Another workout that beginners can is the Cable Crunches. You should also do the same number of sets, three sets, also with 25 repetitions on each set. And just like the simple crunches, there should also be a three minutes rest in between sets.

The third workout that you can do is the Ab Crunch Machine. Do the same number of sets and the same number of repetitions per set. Don’t forget to rest for about three minutes before proceeding to another set. Then, there is also the Leg Pull-ins, which you should also do in three sets with 25 repetitions in each set and a 3-minute rest before starting the next set. 

You can also do the Oblique Crunches, which also has the same number of sets and repetitions.  There is also the Knee Raises on Parallel Bars, also with the same number of repetitions and sets. The last but not the least exercise that you can do is the Reverse Crunches, which also requires 25 repetitions and 3 sets.

After doing all these eight exercises, you can then relax with an exercise ball. You can use this to make crunches. As with the previous eight workout routines, you also need to do 25 repetitions and 3 sets with 3 minutes of rest in between sets. There is also the Bent Knee Hip Raises, which is also perfect for beginners because it does not require a lot of work initially.



For those who are already doing workouts, different ab workouts are more suited to them. The first one is the Ab Crunch Machine and Tuck Crunches.  Next is AB Roller and Toe Touchers. Then, you can also do the Air Bike and some Sit-Ups. Another choice for a workout is the Alternate Heel Touchers as well as the Side Jackknife. And, I love to do the workouts with Bent Knee Hip Raises and Scissor Kicks. And on the sixth day of workout, you can do the Cable Crunches and the Reverse Crunches and the next day, the Crunches With Hands Overhead and the Press Sit-Ups.

Another good workout routine is the Hanging Leg Raises and Crunches using an Exercise Ball. There is also the Exercise Ball Pull-Ins that can be followed by the Flat Bench Leg Pull-Ins. People who are intermediate workout people can benefit a lot with Flat Bench Leg Pull-Ins and the Scissor Kicks. All these workouts also require the same 25 repetitions per set of 3. And like the beginner’s workouts, there should be a 3-minute rest in between sets.



For the regular gym goers or those who have already been working out for quite a while, the best ab workouts for you are those that will help maintain the body that you have achieved.

And just like the other workouts, all the exercise routines here must have 25 repetitions in sets of 3 with three-minute interval in between sets.

Here are some of the routines that you can do: Decline Oblique Crunches, Plate Twists, and the Toe Touchers.

You can also sweat it out with the Hanging Leg Raises, the Crunches and the Side Jackknife. Other choices are the Flat Bench Leg Pull-Ins, the Ab Crunch Machine and the Cable Crunches.

Next are the Hanging Knee Raises to The Side, which you can do with Butt Ups and the Exercise Ball Crunches afterwards.

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