More about me!

1. Personal
So, I’m a 30+ woman living in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, Finland. Curious how I’ll be 30 again next year. Forever 30 😉 . I live with my husband, we’ve been together for almost 12 years and married for most of those years. We have three cats: Castro, Leopold and Titos Momus (aka Tito). Castro and Tito are just regular housecats (no breed), Leopold is a Scottish Straight. I’m childfree by choice, I prefer the fur babies over human children. That doesn’t mean I hate all the kids, but mostly I’m totally ambivalent towards them. For me, my closest friends are basically my family, maybe more than my ”real” family. Friends create a family you choose to be a part of. I love spending time with my favourite people, whether they’re related to me or not. 
2. Career
I work as a psychiatric nurse. It’s not a calling nor do I have a Florence Nightingale- syndrome. How I ended up as a nurse is a sum of many occurrences. I’m good at what I do, but regardless I want to switch career. That’s why I am studying arts and culture in the University of Helsinki. Smart choice, I know!!! Thankfully I like my workmates and they make it easy to make it through a rough day and they’re a good laugh! I hope I get to stay for as I long as I need to!
3. Passions


As I mentioned in my first post, I love the Eurovision Song Contest! ( A buzzfeed link to explain what it is for those who don’t know. ). I watch some of the national selection and the whole beginning of the year is spent in a lovely Eurovision-haze. Tonight the French choose their entry, but next week the best national selection program, Melodifestivalen, begins as Sweden begins its journey to find the representative fot this years Eurovision. Finland should take a few notes from Sweden…
I also love books, I need a library room. I haven’t read in ages though, this is something I need to remedy this year. Seems like ”Fire and Fury” could make an interesting start ;D. I also love designer handbags, although I buy the ”cheaper” ones, no way could my budget handle Louis Vuitton or Gucci! My favourite designers are Coach, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. My most expensive bag is by Frye. A few of their other bags are on my eternal wishlist. A huge passion of mine is makeup and brushes. I try to invest in quality cosmetics and prefer quality brands over market stuff pretty much 100% of them time. Nail polish I’m not so fussy with, since my nails are pretty much non-existent. 
4. My isms. 
As I mentioned in my first post, my isms are feminism and atheism. Google them, look them up in an Oxford dictionary, just get your facts straight, ok! 🙂
5. Hopes and dreams
Lottery win would be nice! (#classic)
I’d also like to write a book. I’ve dreamt of writing a book since I was a child. I’d also love to travel more and see the world (at least most of it). I want to live happily ever after. I want to retire to the Mediterranean and spend my days sipping wine while providing a home for homeless animals! <3
There’s a little more about me for now, any questions you’d like to ask? 🙂


Love, Luna


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