Dreams don’t work unless you do

So proud of myself that I actually remember to write 😀 this week I found a place. I’m staying with a couple in Spinningfields so very close to the City Center. Also Pure Gym has one gym in Spinningfields so I was Wondering to join them. I’m moving this sunday and I can’t wait! The apartment is brand new and has a huge kitchen and DISHWASHER!! 😀 the blacony is also huge it is like the size of a bedroom. I was planning to buy a bike cause the Road that I will be walking to work is quite big so I wouldn’t have to ride the bike in the middle of the traffic… 


I can’t wait to go to IKEA and start decorateing my room 🙂 Also when I get the uk bank account I can join a gym 🙂 

Few days ago I took some pics from my work #tikilife 



One really weird thing is that everyone thinks that I’m from America what I can’t understand 😀 and at the bank they tought that I was Italian :’D I think it is quite nice to be different but now I have to get ready for work, Cheers

Xo Sini 

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