But I have a black friend

“it’s a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it your whole life”

I don’t blame white people for not knowing all types of behaviour that count as racist. I still don’t understand it completely. It’s the system that has programmed us this way but it is our responsibility to educate and readapt. Hope this helps to understand some forms of racist behaviour.


White supremacy, white privilege

– “There is no such thing as white privilege. I am suffering from depression, I have no money, no home. Don’t tell me white people are privileged.”
– Not all white people are PRIVILEDGED in life BUT they experience more benefits systematically then POC (people of cololur). White people are not discriminated over getting a house because of color, white people are not unhired because of color, white people have been able to accumulate wealth due to better ownership rights in America, POC are suffering from pay gaps.. just to name few facts
– Taking criticism towards racism as “racism” towards white people. This is extreme white privilege when white people do not even acknowledge racism. Turning the focus point on your life and your white experience. It is true that white people can be discriminated, it is true someone can call you names based on your color but you will never be systematically discriminated based on your white skin.

White saviorism

– “ I moved to Morocco last year and I have built a business from scratch while employing women. I have suffered sexism from Moroccan men and I have been able to maintain my boss status and my independence.”
– “My friend is such a boss lady moving to middle east/Africa and setting up a business. It’s not easy for independent white woman when the men constantly harass there. “
– “It was so hard for me living in another culture building my business from scratch.”


White fragility

– Taking criticism on systemically opressing behaviour or customs personally.
– Turning the focus point of the conversation on to your feeling. “Why are you attacking ME? You are being so negative.
– Using pseudo-pacifism as a mean to silence the other person in the conversation: “Can’t we all just work together? Peace and love.”
– Technically apologizing for hurting the other with racism but giving a lecture on YOUR side in the end. No one needs a lecture from a white woman on how the criticism towards your behavior is creating “negativity”.

White feminism

– White feminism is a term used to describe feminism that focus on the struggles of white women without addressing distinct forms of oppression faced by ethnic minority women and women lacking other privileges.
– It’s nice for white women to empower, to become bosses of our own lives but without acknowledging that if our work or speech oppresses another culture or another marginalized person, we are not feminists. We are just as bad as white misogynist men towards us.
– White feminism, closing our ears from criticism towards our behavior is not feminism
– Intersectional feminism takes all bodies, all colors, all genders and all sexual preferences into account in political actions



– Whitewashing is a casting practice in the film industry of the United States in which white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles or in roles which are scripted for non-white characters.


– Creating an idea of a whole culture based on one person’s story or experience
– “I cannot be racist because I have a black friend and she told me it’s fine to wear cornrows.”
– “My black boyfriend told me it’s fine to twerk and not give credit to black women.”

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  1. Why can’t a white person twerk? I don’t get it.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the question! White women CAN most definitely twerk. I do that too and I’m white. A whole different story if twerkers do not want to be open to conversation about cultural appropriation. It’s not necessarely the appropriation itself but the fragility white women hide under to avoid uncomfortable self reflection. Hope this helped!

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