Tired of my own excuses

Long time no ABC!

So like the title says I am quite disappointed in myself. I promised myself to actually this time start writing regurarly, but what happened right after I got a job? Not a single post, that’s what happened!

Like I said I got a new job that started in January and boy was it a good one! I had the opportunity of a lifetime and got the chance to produce Helsinki Pride. And so I did. That kind of kept me busy during winter and spring and the only time I had some time to meditate by doing makeup was taking pictures or filming it the last thing in my mind. And for that I am sorry! I will learn to control my workaholism and start actually also enjoying my hobbies again! 

I have many new products and brands that I really want to tell you all about so stay tuned! I’ll be doing a little tutorial on my contour routines and finally a video of how to apply liquid lipstick. If you have any ideas that you would like to see me doing or find out about some products just let me know!


Oh and final thing: I will only be writing in English from now on 🙂



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