Let me introduce you: Monty cat. 🙂



Today I donated some money for an awesome campaign to help a cat shelter in Denmark. I fell immediately in love with this cat and with her owners.

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I’m so happy to help animals. Love this feeling! 🙂


Here’s some information from Indiegogo’s page for Monty’s campaign:

”Who are you helping?

Kattens Vaern is a rescue cat shelter based in Denmark. They are saving more than 1000 cats a year from a cruel fate and there is no doubt that everyone involved in this non-profit organization is deeply passionated about making a difference for every cat in need.

On August 29 2013 we were looking to adopt a cat so we went online. Suddenly we saw Monty on Kattens Vaern’s website where he was up for adoption. We felt like we had to meet him and the next day we visited him at the cat shelter. We were welcomed by a smiling staff and was introduced to Monty. We felt the passion and love for all the cats right away. The minute we met Monty we knew that we had to adopt him. 

We have been through a lot with the little guy due to some issues caused by his chromosome abnormalities and Kattens Vaern has been supporting us the whole time and helped us solving Monty’s issues so he could have that wonderful life they knew he deserves. Kattens Vaern has their own clinic and the vets have been there every time we needed help. Now Monty is healthy and is living a wonderful life.

No one in Denmark is doing such a great job helping all the homeless cats as Kattens Vaern does. They catches cats living on the streets, give them the medication they need, spay and neuter them and help them to find a forever home. 

The shelter run on private donations and they have prioritized the cats. The cats have enough space and nice cages. They are cuddled and played with on daily basis and the cats which are used to be able to get outside have a fantastic outdoor playground.


What they need help with

After spending a lot of the donations on making fantastic new facilities for all the cats both indoor and outdoor they have no more money for the renovation of the very important washing room. The washing room needs a new floor and a commercial dishwasher. Right now all the cleaning is done by hand and it takes up a lot of valuable time which would be better spend on socializing the cats by play and cuddle with them in order to make them ready for the life as a pet. If you want to help us raising funds for the renovation of this washing room please do not hesitate. Even a small donation is highly appreciated.  Thank you so very much.” 

Photos from Monty’s Facebook site HERE

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