The famous Café Esplanad

This place has been recommeneded to me by two of V’s friends and I definitely don’t regret going there. In terms of size, this is the first Korvapuusti which can compete with the one from Cafe Brahe in Turku, its HUGE! We had a bunch of friends over from Poland and England for New Years and decided that they should see some of the pride and joy that has made me stay in Finland. Some of them had never tasted ”commercial” korvapuusti before… so why not take them somewhere with impressive-sized pulla. Café Esplanad did a cracking job and our friends had a taste of what its all about! As they all know about my blog, we made a communal decision on the rating below. 


So many great Korvapuusti in this country… I think I should make a few more heart-emoticons so all the pictures don’t always have the same one.





S – 5

AF – 3

D – 3.5

OT – 4.5

A – 4

Average grade:  4


Price: €3.80

P.S. Maybe it is a little bit too expensive? What do you think?

koti ruoka-ja-juoma
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  1. kanelallergic
    2.2.2014, 08:34

    Hi. Nice blog 🙂 You really should taste Korvapuusti or ”örfil” in Cafe Delivo in Munkkiniemi. They bake their own korvapuusti and of course the taste depends on who is in shift to bake them 🙂 But verry good korvapuustis are anyway. Keep on going!

    1. Thanks for the tip mate, I will definitely add that onto my list of places to visit and try to go there as soon as. there are so many great korvapuusti in this country! It’s awesome!

  2. I love your blog! Have you ever tried to make korvapuusti yourself? If not you should and rate that too.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve decided to never make Korvapuusti myself… I don’t want it to lose its magic! Guest entrances are always welcome 🙂 I went through your blog and everything looks so delicious. I’m definitely going to make my girlfriend try your recipe for korvapuusti, apparently she makes it slightly different… 

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