I return aka What’s up!

So then – let’s start this off. I was gone. Now I’m back. Things haven’t been too good. Lots of pics and text to follow. 


My boyfriend dumped me, and then begged me to take him back, so I did. Yesterday he tried to break up with me again, and I said no because I won’t live without him. Sound crazy? Uh, yeah. I know that. I can’t give up on him, but I need to. So today, I broke up with him. I love this man more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life. He’s stubborn and misogynistic and a sadist but underneath all that damage, he’s a kind, sweet, good person. I’ll stand up for him forever, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I can’t change him, and I don’t want to. I want him to see that he isn’t ruined from the past. When you know, you know. He’s the one for me, the man that makes me the happiest and the saddest. All the sad and angry in the world are worth it when it comes to him, because no-one is so good when he’s good. So I rather see him happy and be his friend and spend the rest of my life alone than both of us being miserable.


I found a job right after my trip to J-town so I’ve been working in a clothing shop in a mall here. I’m quite happy with my new job. I think I do well, and I work my little ass off. My co-workers are really young so sometimes I feel like I clean up after everyone, but I love them all and my boss has become a real friend to me. Here are some sweet things I’ve bought from work so far



These are some of the key piesces I’m going to wear this spring. I just need to learn to buy shirts too, because I only ever go for t-shirts and then I inevitably look much younger than I am (almost 30). I DO love band t-shirts though. There’s nothing quite like a vintage or repro shirt from an awesome band! I also have a lace dress put away. I can’t get over how pretty that thing is.


I love to support small companies, and a friend of mine here in the UK is the mastermind behind DALIKFODDA. I used to love his gear when I lived in Tignes and always wanted one of his beanies. It’s the first place I remember seeing rezy-tip beanies and I still love those things to death. So of course, I had to support a friend and meanwhile get the beanie that started it all.


Mine is black, and he’s a pic of me looking like I want to scare grannies wearing it


They have badass t-shirts (hehe) too, be sure to check them out on http://www.dalikfodda.com and tell them a little Finnish flower sent you! I might just have to buy some. They’re cheaper than most of the brands here and I like that it’s Scoph’s company. Mad respect for that guy, seriously. If you’re into art like I am, you could go look at his stuff at http://subism.co.uk/tag/schoph-schophield/ He’s the fellow with the big beard. I confess I had a crush on him back in the day because he was so nice and calm and easy to talk to… until he got drunk and danced, hahaha. I was such a mess though I didn’t want to make anyone nice have to stand me, and all the girls liked him because he was one of those rare people who treats everyone the same.


I interviewed for Pinup.fi’s Pin up contest. Out of 400 40 made it that far, but then I didn’t make it to the semi finals, which made me really really sad because I really wanted to do that to meet new people with similar interrests. Here’s what I wore to the interview


I thought I looked amazing but I guess that wasn’t enough 🙁 I’m still really sad about it but I hope the girls who made it onto the semi’s have so much fun and I wish them all the luck. I had wonderful friends who liked the crap out of my picture, but that just wasn’t enough. I got almost 300 votes, it was good to feel so loved! <3


So I was pretty sad yesterday, but went in to work to patch for a girl who was feling ill. It was really quiet, so I got to leave early. I went to Glitter and got some really cheap qute hair accessories and earrings to cheer me up.


When I walked around I noticed we now have one of my fave shops in my mall. I’m happy but worried at the same time! They had a years contacts in all kinds of superfunky colors, but it bummed me out because I need regular contacts anyway, so no go on the crazy ones for me, unless I wear glasses which sort of takes the fun out of it. They have funky hair accessories and jewlery so I need to go back and get some things on Friday (Pay Day) if I have anything left after rent n bills 🙂 I also had the time to fall in love with a dress while I was there, I need to go back and take another look at it because I’m pretty sure they didn’t have it in my size (BOO!!) but it looks like this


So amazingly pretty and just my style!! Must have!


I’ve been trying to read and I’ve been knitting Lovikka-mittens in all sorts of funky colors for my side-project and I hope to sell some next fall… we’ll see how it goes.


So that’s what’s new!


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