First week in the U.S.

Hey, what’s up?

That’s what I hear quite often in here. Which is funny, because in Finland nobody (random person) actually cares ”how you are doing”. But here it is part of the Hello or Good Morning etc. Kinda culture shock for me at first.

Sooo it has been my first week here in Flagstaff and, I can tell you, I REALLY enjoy my time in here! Travelling to U.S. (all the flights, buses etc) was a little exhausting (my first flight to London was 3 hours late and second flight to Phoenix was 1 hour late), but now that I’m here it is TOTALLY worth it.

The whole campus area has surprised me with its beautiful nature, great services, cosy buildings and the best part comes now: THE GYM!!!!

Our (me and my Austrian roomie’s) apartment is really nice and cosy, including one big living room and kitchen, shared bedroom with two bunk beds, writing tables and a bathroom. I’m super happy to live in the International House AKA Campus Heights, because it’s close to everything (our nearest grocery store is Target, which is just across the street) and provides us the chance to get to know other internationals better.

If I had to describe my first week in NAU with only one word, it would be HECTIC. We have had so many info sessions about living on campus, American class culture, student services, working on campus, travelling in the U.S.,volunteering, VISA issues etc. that I literally feel my head is exploding. But in a good way though 😀

However, probably the most amazing thing this week was that I got a JOB! Wohoo! As soon as I get my social security card and other working licenses organized I can start instructing Group Fitness Classes! I can’t even describe how thankful I am for this unique opportunity, because Group Fitness is definitely one of the things that I miss the most from Finland (I miss you too friends and family <3). And what would be a better way to get inside American culture than sweating and doing badass workouts together, right!? I’m really looking forward to it.

One thing, which also makes me really happy, is that all the people here (including other exchange students, U.S. students, teachers, coordinators, staff…) are so lovely and helpful. I’m so lucky that I’ve already met wonderful people from different countries all around the world so I bet my exchange semester will be anything but boring!

This week the real game starts. School schedule and the first lectures. New people. New adventures. Exciting!

Till next time,

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