Summer Vacation in Bulgary


It’s been a while since I have written about my life here. For the sake of the last day of July I will now share you some photos of our June’s holiday trip in Nessebar, Bulgary. It was a lovely and relaxing family trip full of sunbathing, swimming, shopping…


This was the view I saw every morning when I did my morning jog. Amazing sea, lots of golden sand and the shopping streets from Sunny beach a little bit further away. I loved the feeling how the sea breeze brought smile to my face and the sunrise gave energy for the new day.


Our everyday routine was chilling at the pool after the breakfast. We had such an amazing luck with the weather; it was like 25-35 (Celcius) degrees everyday! There’s nothing better than great music, great company and pool that I need to get the vacation mode on!


Selfie time! Still smiling after a sweaty morning run!


Bulgary is famous for its beautiful roses. They make literally EVERYTHING from the roses; cosmetics, jam, honey, other food items and even vodka! Of course I had to buy some…cosmetics I mean.


Even when it’s holiday I can’t live without my everyday routines. There was a small gym at our hotel, so managed to do couple of workouts there. However, as it was a beach holiday, I didn’t want to waste my time inside at the gym, so my workouts where super short (read extremely efficient and sweaty). I got to say that I also enjoyed just chilling and doing nothing, as my in Finland I hardly ever have time to recover properly. Guns out!


Hanging at the beach with my guys. It was pure luxury to live so close to the sea (our hotel was about 200 meters away from the beach).


This is living.


Whenever we travel I always enjoy putting on some make up and wearing clothes, like dresses, that I normally don’t tend to wear (because of my work as an group fitness instructor). And those high heels, gotta love them! Every evening we went to our hotel restaurant as we had the all inclusive service. It was a nice change as the food was mostly local and different every day.


Strike a pose! Outfits of the evening.


I just can’t help loving these cute pink buildings! Well, basically everything pink makes me crazy. Picture from the the harbor of Nessebar.


Walking around with my bodyguards. I just loved the fact that we spent so much time together with my little brothers. We don’t see each other that often anymore now that I have moved a way from home, so whenever I get to spend some quality time with them, it means a lot.


Nesserbar by night. Posing at our hotel’s pool area. We didn’t go check out the night life of Sunny Beach as we did have a club of our own at our hotel. We just enjoyed our free drinks, good music and different performances there.


This describes how much I loooove sunbathing.


A view from our hotel balcony. I would definitely recommend our hotel Festa Panorama in Nessebar. The service was great, people were kind and the location was perfect. There was a walking distance from our hotel to Sunny beach, which we visited a couple of times.


Not so smiley anymore. The leaving part is always the most difficult part of the holiday. However, I love my work and everyday routines so much that it is always nice to come back to Finland. In my opinion one week is just a perfect amount of time to spend on a beach holiday.

Anyhow, I do have some good news! I have already TWO trips waiting for me! Next trip will be actually in one week already! There a some very special people joining me and I just can’t wait for it! * exclamation mark, exclamation mark*

Till the next trip,

💖: Siiri

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