Thanksgiving in LA

Greetings from California!

Again, two weeks have gone by and I just realized I have exactly 11 days to spend in the U.S.! It is crazy how fast this semester has come to the end. Next, I want to share my best memories of Thanksgiving and our Los Angeles trip. Enjoy!


We left from Flagstaff about 4.30 am on Thursday morning (11/23). Even though I only slept for about 5 hours I was so excited that I didn’t feel tired at all. The great thing about driving early in the morning is that you’re can experience the most beautiful sunrises.


We arrived in Los Angeles at noon and went straight to the Venice beach. It is amazing how much the landscape can change in only about 7 hours. It felt like we’d just traveled to an excotic beach holiday destination. The weather was amazing, a bright blue sky and about 85 F (29c) in the sun.


Later in the evening we walked to the Downtown of LA. There were beautiful Christmas decorations next to the tall skyscrapers.


I ordered a delicious drink for the sake of Thanksgiving. Yummy yummy!


Our lovely gang having Thanksgiving dinner. Love these girls.


Coctails! Mine included cucumber, mint, boysenberry and other fascinating ingredients…


On Friday (11/24) we started our morning with a hike to the Hollywood sign. The weather was awesome, again about 85 F and sunny all the day.


Half way there!


On top of the world!


I captured this amazing selfie with the Hollywood sign over my finger. What a piece of art!


No words. Just wow.


After a loooong and a bit of an extreme hike (thanks to the rocky mountain route we accidentally chose), we finally made it to the Hollywood sign. Still smiling though.


Next up: Walk of Fame.


We also did some shopping during our sight seeing at the Hollywood Boulevard. Notice my two favorite stores next to each other. What a lucky day. 😉


A little tired, but happy tourists. Thanks to lovely Johanna for these high quality selfies. You really deserve the ”Can you take a picture of me” Oscar Trophy. You know what I mean. 😉


Chinese Teather at the Hollywood Boulevard. Amazing lights and cool decoration!


We also went to check out the night life in LA. Luckily we had a helpful Uber driver who took us just to the right places. Am I right, girls?


On Saturday we headed a little bit further away from LA all the way to the Ventura Harbor. There was a wonderful Mediterranean-like atmosphere and cute little cafeterias next to the ships. I also joined to the Ventura Yacht Club…


Strawberry shake from fresh strawberries. Had to match the shake with the color of the background and my clothing, of course.


Having a walk before the cruise.


On a cruise admiring the Pacific Ocean. I eagerly tried to spot the dolphins and whales but unfortunately I didn’t see any. I also though that I’m lucky I don’t get easily sea sick.


We arrived at our destination: Canal Islands. There were several sea lions and various sea birds flying near the islands. I loved the fact that nowadays people really want to focus on respecting and protecting all the animals of the nature and letting them nest and live peacefully near at the island.


Group photo! It was so cold outside so we were only peeking from the inside.


In the evening we planned to go to the Santa Monica Pier and check the amusement park there. The weather was a bit foggy and chilly, but I still enjoyed lights and music they played there. Of course we also had to try the rollercoaster at the Pacific Park.


You recognize the movie? Hint: Run, *******, run!


As we were near the sea, we decided to try one local sushi place (in case you didn’t know I’m a true sushi lover!). However, this place was a little extra-ordinary as the sushi dishes came in the form of rolls. We had to figure out what was the correct way of eating the sushi because it was a bit challenging with the sticks. (I still don’t know did we do it right…) Anyhow, it was super delicious!


On Sunday it was time to head back home aka to our cozy Flagstaff. The eight hours drive went surprisingly fast as I had great company, skilled drivers (thanks Anne and Esme, I owe you) good music and amazing sunset accompanying us home.

Again, I must say that I am so thankful for these fantastic experiences I have shared with amazing people and seen so many different things while doing these road trips. Travelling is really one of the best ways to learn about different people, cultures and life in general.

I’ve learned that the best factor about California for me is the relaxed, laid-pack way of living without any fear of the future. That is also something for us to consider.

Now have a great weekend peeps! <3 Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a special guest from Las Vegas… Who knows 😉

Think Pink,

💖: Siiri

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