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It’s been again about two weeks since I wrote the last post. I’ve been having quite stressful weeks lately, as I have had so many school assignments and activities I’ve participated in. I started to wonder what would be the best post about dealing with stress and the life in the U.S…Of course, a perfect beauty indulgence! 💖


During these last three months I’ve found so many amazing beauty products and makeup pieces that I honestly feel my skin feels better than ever. I’ve bought most of the products from Sephora, but you can also get these from several different stores in the U.S. (and some of them from Finland, too!)

Next, I’m going to present some of my favorite U.S. beauty pleasures and must-haves. So get ready… set… and GO!


Fenty Beauty By Rihanna – Match Stick, about 25$ from Sephora


Shade: Stardust


As many people might now, I’m a huge fan of glitter, highlights, sparkles and all the cute girly stuff (don’t forget the color PINK). This match stick is a perfect product to use as a highlighter, eye shadow, contour color or blush. If I had to chooce the most important makeup products for me, a highlighter would definitely be on top of the list. This shade is mostly bronze, but creates at the same time a fancy rose gold bling.


Too Faced – Best Year Ever 2018 makeup set, about 48$

Includes a makeup purse, three different makeup palettes and the Better Than Sex mascara.


You bet I have more makeup at home!


Three cute palettes for every occasion. Guess which is my favorite? 😉


I Believe in Pink. Natural shades with a rosy pink twist.


Natural Beauty. Nude brown shades for a natural look. Best for a casual everyday look.


Super Fun Night. As the name assumes, these shades would suit a party look. Love the amount of pigment!


Sephora Favourites – Lip Nudeist, about $28

The set includes following products:


BITE – Agave Lip Mask

Three different sample shades, which create a lovely hydrating feeling for the lips. Smells sweet and lasts for nearly 12 hours. I am sure I will buy a full size product after trying out all the shades.


BITE & URBAN DECAY lipsticks


BITE: (Shade) Sake

URBAN DECAY: (Shade) Backtalk

Both of the shades create a natural nude look and soft feeling for the lips. I would pair these shades with a strong eye makeup.


Marc Jacobs & Tarte Tarteist lip glosses


Marc Jacobs: Shade 312 Sugar Sugar
Tarte: Shade Beige

I was surprised by the radiant color of the lip glosses. Both of them last several hours without adding more and make lips look juicy and shiny.


Too Faced – Lip Injection Extreme plumping lip gloss


I was really curios when I tried the Lip Injection lip gloss for the first time. As the name promises, the lip gloss should cause a plumping effect and make a fuller look for the lips. Immediately after putting on the lip gloss,  I started to feel tickling on my lips. Usually it is the sign that the plumping ingredients start to work and ”grow” the lips. The gloss is invisible so it can be used with all kind of different lipsticks. Works for me!


About one month ago I bought this wonderful kit* (again from Sephora), which includes several various skin care products. There are different lotions, serums, face washes, skin treatments, face scrubs and a makeup bag in the kit. The whole set cost about $40.


Tarte Skincare – Pack Your Bags
911 undereye rescue patches


This is a treatment for black or pluffy undereyes. I haven’t tried this yet but I am really looking forward to testing it out! (AKA Tired Eyes Always)


Speak of the devil.

ALGENIST – Complete Eye Renewal Balm

I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with taking care of the skin around my eyes. Since I noticed the first ”wrinkles” around my eyes I truly started to pay attention to skin care and especially undereyes and more sensitive areas of the face. I’ve tried several different products for the area around the eyes, but I think this is one of the best ones. It creates a ”safe” feeling around the eyes and hydrates the skin creating a blur effect. I use this balm every morning and evening. Love it!


Green Clean cleansing balm. A great invention for sensitive face cleansing!


Murad – Retinol Youth Renewal Night Creme

A wonderful and hypersensitive hydrating night creme for the face. This Murad ”Youth Renewal” series promises visible results in only two weeks providing better and more ever quality for skin. The product blurs wrinkles and makes skin look younger when it is used frequently. Suits perfectly for sensitive skin and doesn’t have any scent.


Murad – Retinol Youth Renewal Serum

This is basically the same product than above, but only a lighter day version of it. I use this every morning together with other hydrating day products.


Belif – The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

The name says it, a true moisturizing bomb! I always like to try different kind of lotions for sensitive skin and it is good to have several options if you go-to product is out of store. I use this day and night as one part of my skin care routine.



My. Absolute. Favorite. This serum amazed me from the very first time I tried this. First of all, the scent is super delicious! Like fresh peeled juicy oranges in the summer, yum! Second thing is the amazing texture. The serum is super light and absorbs deep into the skin leaving a soft and elastic feeling. This serum promises to brighten and hydrate the whole face area and protect skin from dullness. Can be used on its own or under makeup. My everyday must-have. Fantastic!


Fresh – Rose Face Mask

Since I have a very sensitive skin I don’t usually do any face scrubs or other cleansing treatments that often. Usually the reason is that the scrubs are too rough for my face, which makes my skin even more dry. However, I found this adorable rose mask treatment and I have to say I was positively surprised! After letting the mask do its magic on my face (about 4 minutes) and washing it away, it didn’t dry my face at all! The informative label states that the rose petals have a hydrating and toning effect on the face.


When you open the lid you’re able to define the cute little rose petals. And what a smell! It is like walking straight into a rose garden.


Josie Maran – Skin Argan Finishing Balm


This balm belongs to a family of well hydrating and lightweight skin lotions. The texture is silky, leaving a soft feather like feeling on the face. My skin felt more even after using this balm. The scent is really mild and soft so it is good for people, who are sensitive to strong scents or allergic. Works well under makeup too!


Philosophy – Puriry 3 in 1 cleanser for the face

Great travel size product, which cleanses the face and makeup effectively.


Glam Glow – Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer

So ah-mazing scent! I fell in love with this cute travel size moisturizer, which has a sweet citrussy scent. Makes skin even and matte, reducing redness and greasiness. This moisturizer is nothing but extra! It also fits nicely in your makeup purse.


HASK Monoi Coconut Oil – Nourishing Shine Hair Oil

Must-have hair product. I couldn’t live a day without a good hair oil! As I have dyed my hair so many times, the texture is quite dry and thin, so it needs lots of hydrating treatments to look vibrant. This monoi hair oil is super handy, because of its small size and again, a wonderful toasted coconut scent! (I tend to love good smelling products, don’t I?) Makes hair feel soft and nourished.


PETER THOMAS ROTH – Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream

This is one of the most hydrating lotions for extra dry skin. Especially now that it’s getting colder, the skin needs lots of quality products to stay elastic. This will be my winter time favorite!


Juicy Couture – Makeup brush set

What would be better makeup tools than super cute pink brushes! Different sizes for every angle. Let’s contour!


ANASTASIA Beverly Hills – Moonchild Highlighter Palette

I truly found my inner unicorn with this palette! The shades have lots of pigment and can be used in several different ways: as a highlighter, eyecolor, blush, contour.. You name it.


Six different shades: blue ice, star, purple horseshoe, pink heart, lucky clover and blue moon. Each color has lots of bling and sparkle in it, just how I like it!


Urban Decay – Allnighter Liquid Foundation

One of the best liquid foundations I’ve tried so far. Leaves skin even and covers all the redness, blemishing and dullness. A true ”all-nighter”!


Results after trying the Allnighter Foundation. I am using the shade 1.5.


NYX – Contour Kit

My dear, trustworthy friend, who never let’s me down. Yes, I’m talking to you NYX Contour Kit. Since last year this has been a crucial part of my makeup routine. The kit has eight different shades for countouring, highlighting and powdering. The colors have lots of pigment and fit perfectly for every skin type.


Believe it or not but the most sparkling color has come to its end!


Finally, one last thing. Since I loooove makeup and different skin care products I thought I should celebrate upcoming holiday season by buying myself a Christmas calendar full of makeup! Isn’t that great!? It is nice to have some beauty surprises everyday, especially in the Christmas time. Can’t wait to open the first box! Until then…

Have a lovely weekend everybody 💖



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