Viva Las Vegas!


Weeks go by and my time in the U.S. is getting closer to the end. That said,  I realized I have to make the most of my time during these last 7 weeks, which means even MORE travelling, activities, events, getting to know more people and just ENJOYING my time here.

Last weekend we were visiting one of the most famous cities, ”Paradise City,” in the U.S., LAS VEGAS! The next few pictures will summarize quite perfectly our whole weekend there.


Girls on the road!


The amazing view from our hotel’s (CircusCircus) window.


Friday was a party night.


Saturday, sight seeing. First stop was the Las Vegas sign. The flowers and candles are from the family of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting 10/1/2017. When I saw the sign I suddenly realized how horrible the world can sometimes be. Even though we were smiling in the picture, at the same time I felt really confused and worried about the whole incident. It isn’t fair. It. Just. Isn’t. I want to share my deepest compassion with all the people who were related to the victims of the shooting. We must stick together and care for each other. #prayforlasvegas


One trend that is totally Las Vegas style is the ”Las Vegas wedding”. There were wedding chapels basically around every corner. If you ever plan to make a spontaneous proposal, do it in Vegas. You can arrange a lovely wedding with Mr. Elvis as your master of ceremonies with only $199! (Yes, we checked the prices…)


Mandalay Bay Hotel


Beautiful fountains everywhere.


We also visited Egypt! Cleopatra was shopping at the moment so she couldn’t fit in to the picture.


Cute skyscrapers at the Monte Carlo near New York, New York.


New York was a cool place too.


One of my absolute favorite places in Vegas,  the amazing Bellagio Fountain.


And the Bellagio hotel itself.


Walking down the strip I really felt like I was on an exotic beach holiday. Palm trees were everywhere and sun was shining all day. It was about 86F (30C) during the whole weekend. Love. It.


I finally found my inner liberty.


The beautiful Botanical Garden, at the Bellagio Hotel. If you ever have a chance to visit Vegas you should definitely check this out. The theme of the garden changes every six weeks, so it will always match the season. The best part is that all the decorations are made with real flowers and plants.


Spoiler alert! You are now looking at the hotel where I’m going to go, next time I visit Vegas.  😉 Rome here we come!


Luxurious decoration in front of Ceasars Palace.


At the ground floor of Ceasar’s Palace. The ceiling looked like a beautiful night sky. I thought the decoration inside all the luxury hotels was pretty impressive. I also didn’t mind that they had shopping center with most of my favorite stores in almost every hotel we visited.


The Flamingo Hotel with, of course, flamingos. Bingo!


Fashion Show Shopping Mall. Try to guess how many hours I spent there. Yes, way too many. Fairly recommendable place I would say!


Saturday evening at the rooftop of Stratosphere building. What a view!


Downtown Las Vegas AKA Old Town. Where it all started…


I had to take a picture of this. We spotted the ”Heart Attack Grill” at Downtown and were amazed by the fact that if you weigh more than 350LBS (about 160kg) you can eat free! Omg! Can a restaurant be more American?


The wonderful Cosmopolitan Hotel. The whole lobby was covered with diamonds and high heel chairs where you could sit. That’s my style of a hotel.


Paris at night. C’est la vie!


A view from the strip. As you can see the streets were not even that crowded so I actually felt quite safe walking there in the middle of the night.


Bellagio at night. We arrived there just a little bit too late so we missed the last fountain show. Bummer! That will be my next task when I come back to Vegas.


Ceasar’s Palace with the lights.


The proof that we visited the Stratosphere Big Shot Ride. Basically it was a huge amusement ride on top of the Stratosphere, the highest building in Las Vegas. The ride shot us in the sky so it felt like we would keep on going all the way to the space. Yep, I screamed.


The last place we visited was the New York, New York roller-coaster, on Sunday. They had strictly forbidden all the cameras and cell phones on the roller-coaster so I couldn’t take any photos there. Anyways, it was also one of my favorite must-sees in Vegas. You could just sit on the roller-coaster while going upside down with the speed of light and be amazed by the wonderful view.


All in all our trip was a wonderful experience. I have to admit that I had some prejudices towards Las Vegas, because I had heard people saying that it’s not even that pretty or it is just too industrial, fake and artificial. I totally disagree. To be honest, Las Vegas is now one of my favorite cities of all!

I think the best thing about Las Vegas was that the people were so kind and I felt safe. Everywhere I went people were being so friendly, smiling, asking how I am doing and wishing me a lovely weekend. That felt nice.

So with these thoughts I want to wish you a lovely week and a great beginning for November! (I’ve got only 7 more weeks left here, eeeks!)


💖: Siiri

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