What’s up?

”What’s going on in your life? You’re like all over the place!” That’s what people tend to say to me when they see me.

Well, I’ll tell you what’s up.

Clothes: Better Bodies, Shoes: Nike

This spring (and also last fall semester) has been super duper buzy, as I’m finishing off with the last university courses I have. Basically that means writing my master’s thesis, completing several courses at the same time, preparing myself for the last teacher practice and trying to make some time for various group work projects.

It would be easy if there was only school stuff, but that’s not the reality in my case. Currently, I’m working at three different gyms as a group fitness instructor, which means that I have fitness classes nearly every day. There has been so many substitutions this year (approximately 15 classes per week) that sometimes I start to feel like a total group fitness robot. Luckily this is a job I really love. I would give up everything else but NEVER the job as a group fitness instructor. Also, as a student a little extra money doesn’t hurt, so can’t really complain.

Link to the shoes: https://www.intersport.fi/fi/tuote/nike-odyssey-react-w-juoksukengat-56502932/

Well, there’s more. I’m participating this spring in a wellness model course (wellnessmallikoulutus), which includes learning how to use social media as a business asset, doing collaborations with various companies, performing in front of bigger audience and thinking about wellness and health in general. There are three local meetings in Helsinki and some tasks we have to do on our own during the course. All the tasks are somehow related to social media, well-being and self-awareness. I have found this course very useful for me, because I feel that as a future teacher I need to be aware of the value of social media and work as a role model for the youth. My favorite thing about the education has been the fact that I got to know such amazing girls (both the organizers and the participants) and build up my network. I feel like this is the career, where more really means merrier.

That’s not all. What is more, some of you guys know already that me and my future husband (god, feels weird to say that aloud!) are planning our wedding for the next summer. Yup. And as you might know, weddings are not maybe the easiest parties to plan on. But luckily the inner bridezilla of me has been stepping out for over a year ago and everything is perfectly in control. I have literally planned EVERYTHING. Okay, have to admit, I have started planning ”my wedding” ever since I was a little child (princess). I even had my wedding playlist ready for like five years ago. Well, maybe I was just so sure that he’s the one. To sum up: I have my dress, ring, hairdresser, make-up artist, nail artist, we have our venue (including catering), church, photographer, honeymoon destination, hotel for the wedding night, bridesmaids and bestmans, program for the wedding and pretty much all the other important priorities done. Everybody’s constantly asking me: ”Do you feel stressed about the wedding?!”, like they are expecting me to explode in thousand pieces and start to crying how overwhelming my life is. My answer is ”No. Excited, yes.”

Link to the trousers: https://www.betterbodies.com/eu/product/waverly-mesh-tights-rose-dawn/
Link to the shirts: https://www.betterbodies.com/eu/product/waverly-mesh-bra-rose-dawn/

Lastly, one pretty amazing thing that I have participated in this spring is tv shooting of the Finnish Gladiators. Wait, what? Oh yeah! They started searching for new competitors for the program in the end of last year (2018) and I thought to myself, what the heck! Let’s go! There are plenty of risks in this life, but the ones you don’t take are the risks you regret. The shooting was this February 2019 and the program should come out in the end of this spring. Exciting! Even though the whole thing sound super easy-going, I can tell you that the shooting of this series was anything but easy-going. One of the most exciting, nerve-racking, intimidating, frightening but oh so AMAZING experience of my life. I’m going to make another post of the whole Finnish Gladiators experience, so just wait for it.

Well, here’s a little update what I’ve been doing lately. Now that the biggest hurry is relieving, I promise to share more about my life in here and also inspire you to be positive, take risks, live your life to the fullest and ENJOY!

Till the next time,

💖: Siiri

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