Mitä sinun pitäisi tehdä Thessalonikissa!

thessaloniki-3.jpgMy first time in Thessaloniki leave me unforgettable moments that I will remember for a long time. It’s a city where you can make a friend’s just walking on the road. Everybody seems friendly and calm according to people in Athens.

I planned my trip 2 months before I traveled by plane from Spain to Athens I stayed in Athens just for two days as I wanted to see the Acropolis and some other Archeological places and then I moved to Thessaloniki.

 I couldn’t wait to arrive at my hotel to leave my luggage and staff I was holding in the bus for such a long time, and start exploring the city. As I was on the bus I said to my self over twenty times oh! You should go there. I saw some wonderful places for photos so i had to be patient. I was excited I left my personal things in my room and the first thing I decided to do was eat and try the local kitchen. I tried some amazing recipes for the food there were remarkable as locals are known for their good taste.

Here is my list of things that I believe you should definitely do in Thessaloniki!


  • Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Byzantine Culture
  • Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Places to visit

  • White tower- Which is City’s Landmark
  • Aristotelous Square which is the biggest of the city and has every store that you are looking for in bars, restaurants, cafes etc.
  • Ladadika for great nightlife amazing bars


  • Mom’s cooking
  • clochard
  • Marea sea Spirit

Places that worth a visit if you have time and there (closed) to Thessaloniki

  • Serres: The second largest city in Macedonia
  • Thasos: Is a green island with high mountains and wonderful beaches. You can visit the island on a day trip but its definitively worth spending more days.
  • There are Ferry Boats from Kavala Harbor and Keramoti.
  • Virginia, the Spectacular site of the Macedonian royal tombs

Useful links for transportation that I used a lot and might help you Exploring the city.

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  1. John Charles
    29.1.2019, 13:52

    I love Thessaloniki nice post btw!

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