Twelfth week in Italy

The new girl had arrived in Villa Fontelunga on Sunday and Tiia was about to leave on the following Sunday so on Monday all four of us decided to meet. We finally went to Monte San Savino for an ice cream (zabaglione and pistachio for Noora and pannacotta and berry-yoghurt for Siru) and afterwards we headed to Foiano for a drink. It was a pleasure to meet Emmi; after Tiia would leave we would still have someone else besides each other to meet with.


On Thursday we would have had a dinner for six, but Mauro told he could handle it with one of the ladies and we could go to Arezzo Wave, a music festival, with Marta and Valerio, Mauro’s nephew. Before we went, we got Mauro some wines he asked for, including a special vintage of Scannagallo from 2007. By accident Noora brought him a bottle of limited edition wine; with a label to celebrate the anniversary of Scannagallo battle re-enactment.


Since Marta’s leg was still not ok and she had had some scans done on Wednesday, the day we usually organize our weekly aperitif, we had to move it to Friday. This time we decided to hold it in the front since there was only showers of rain to be expected. As we had laid the tables it, of course, started to rain and our tablecloths were soaking. We took the wet cloths away, waited for the rain to stop and laid the table again before starting. In the end everything went well and fortunately we still had extra paper lanterns to replace the ones broken because of the rain.


On Saturday we cleaned after the party and changed the apartments and in the evening we had a dinner with eight people – two ladies came to help, so we only brought the water, the wine and the bread before Mauro shooed us away. We changed our clothes to ankle-length dressed Marta had given us and went to the Scannagallo battle re-enactment to gaze the skillful flag-wavers and light-show with Nightwish on the background.


On Sunday we went back to Pozzo for the re-enactment; on one moment we were looking at the parade with men in their armor, men with flags and drums and on the second Marta told us we needed to go too. We hadn’t had an idea we were supposed to take part on that, too, but there we were, walking the streets of Pozzo with all the dignity in our cotton dresses. Later they had a play of soldiers attacking the marketplace and kidnapping the women and we got to take part on that, too. Later we stayed in guard on our stand selling wine and chick peas and as we closed everything we went to Il Tempio for a well-deserved pizza.


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