Pink Snake

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LivBox saapuu ensikuussa ensimmäistä kertaa kotiini.


Kosmetiikka uutudet saa siis kaupan sijaan suoraan kotiin kannettuna <3
Mukaan mahtuu exlusive ja päivittäis kosmee.






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  1. Snake vs Snake is impressed by the classic Snake game however brings the action and intensity of “couch style” multiplayer madness wherever up to six friends will battle it out. Once and for all the dispute of that the best Snake player is is resolved in battle with the assistance of power-ups like bombs, speedups, shots and additional.

    Snake vs Snake has been recognized joined of the fan favorites and one in all the highest games within the Xbox One Creators Program.

    Snakes slippy around US would for sure provide US the creeps although that hasn’t stopped the creature from that includes in a number of the earliest and most well-liked games we’ve had on phones or PCs.

    It is a multiplayer browser based mostly game on . It is also a comparatively new game, having been developed solely in 2016. However, that it’s up to the highest of recognition charts is once more proof enough of however habit-forming the sport is. the foundations area unit straightforward too as all that the players have to be compelled to do is management snake-like creatures. There are also multi-colored pellets that the snakes consume and thus grow in size. and therefore the longer the snake grows, additional exciting the sport can prove to be.

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