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julhype1.jpgHello everyone! So lovely to be here again. As I promised, here are some ideas for you to do while you’re not permitted to exercise. I think October and especially November are the best months to make something cosy and get prepared for the holidays. I know some people with eating disorders or other mental health issues may not like Christmas time, but I have always loved Christmas. It was kind of the only period of the year when I allowed myself to truly enjoy food and chocolates.

Well, it’s not Christmas yet (still 62 days), so let’s get into those ideas!


  • art projects: this could be canvas painting or colouring some nice colouring book with lovely pencils. The main idea is to enjoy and relax. 
  • decorating your room/home: you can make lovely collages with Polyvore and make them real one thing at a time. This is also a fun way to explore your deco-style and find some nice cushions while sipping the hot chocolate.
  • reading books: are there some nice and interesting books that you haven’t read yet? This is a perfect opportunity to start Harry Potter all over again!
  • crafts: knitting, sewing or card making? Or maybe cross-stitching? There’s absolutely something for everyone, and, moreover, you can make cute Christmas gifts early so you don’t need to be a busy bee in December. 

julhype3.jpgWhat are your favourite non-exercise to do’s? Comment your ideas below so we all can find some inspiration. 

Hugs & kisses. xxx

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