Poikaystävä vastaa – 33 kysymystä, 33 vastausta (englanniksi)


Heti kun poikaystävä vastaa -postauksia alkoi taas putkahdella blogeihin Julia Toivolan (http://juliatoivola.com/) aloitteesta tiesin, että minäkin haluan ehdottomasti poikaystäväni vastaavan näihin! Halusin kuitenkin toteuttaa tämän vasta, kun olen itse hänen kanssaan ensinnäkin siksi, että näen hänen ilmeensä, kun hän vastaa 😀 ja koska halusin hänen itse kirjoittavan vastaukset juuri niin kuin hän haluaa. Kysymykset ja vastaukset ovat englanniksi, sillä poikaystäväni ei tosiaan puhu suomea eikä se olisi sama asia, jos kääntäisin hänen vastauksensa suomen kielelle.

1. What did you really think about me when we first met?

-I thought that you were stunning, very beautiful.

2. Do I laugh at jokes I don’t get?

-Sometimes just to be polite. However, you always ask for clarifycation if you need it then resume to laugh but even more than before.

3. Do I like hugging?

-Yes, we both love hugging.

4. Do I want big or small wedding?

– You want a small wedding but big with family and friends. Simple, beautiful, and not over the top.

5. Have I ever broken the law?

Yes, walking in the street randomly with you camera.

6. What do I like on my sandwich?

Anything that is healthy and not too much of anything.

7. What kind of music do I listen?

-The gay stuff. LOL, really though. You like music that is soft and sweet, something we can listen to and stare into eachothers eyes. Also country… I hate country.

8. What do I fear?

You fear being stuck somewhere lost and confused.

9. How do I handle stress?

-You handle stress as if the world was ending. I remember you freaking out because you had difficulty checking in on your flight and I had to calm you down and help you get through it.

10. My weirdest habit?

-When you itch your nose you make a weird noise but I think it’s cute because it’s unique.

11. What is the kind of job that you would never see me doing?

-I could never see you doing food service. Crowded and plenty stress at every moment, you would die. 

12. If I could spend a day with someone, anyone, living or dead, who would that be?

-Justin Bieber… LOL. No I know you would choose to spend that day with me and I would choose the same.

13. If I won the lottery what would I do with the money?

-You would use it to get started on your life with me here in America, also to get our cute frenchie dog.

14. What color describes my personality the best?

-Red, always angry!

15. What annoys me the most about other people?

-Everything, Plain and simple. (silja: :-DDDDD)

16. What is my favorite kind of junk food?

-Burger, and the authentic American bacon style Burger. Oh and Oreos, those are actually #1. (Silja: Hey, you totally forgot chocolate!!)


17. My piece of clothing I like but you don’t?

-I think everything that you wear is beautiful.

18. What does the last text message I sent you say?

-A bunch of kissing emojis.

19. Whenever I’m sick do I want that somebody babies me?

-Yes, you want me to be with you and taking care of you. Which I love to do anyways. 🙂

20. Whenever we argue, how do I act?

-Crazy, Haha. No you actually listen and understand both sides of the argument pretty well. Sometimes you don’t but mostly you do.

21. Let’s say we go to a restaurant, what do I order?

-You would order a steak, burger, taco, or salmon. Also anything that would look good for a picture.

22. What is something I could do for hours?

-Go through social media but thats more ”days” than ”hours.”

23. What really makes me mad?

-Being hungry/ no food. You become a monster.

24. What cheers me up?


25. How am I as a girlfriend?

-Amazing, loving, and caring.

26. Who said ”I love you” first and where did that happen?

-I said it first and i told you i loved you at the bayou where we first met.

27. What is the first thing I do in the morning?

-Check phone for an hour and brush teeth.

28. What kind of clothes do I wear at home?

-Comfy clothes, like baggy jackets and sweat pants.

29. Is there a chore I’m bad at doing?

-Not that I know of yet.

30. Who normally has the last word, me or you?

-You, 100%. If you say it will be this way then it is that way.

31. What is the best thing about my personality?

-Everything, you are so sweet, loving, caring, and always bring excitement.

32. What is the best thing about how I look?

-I feel you are just very beautiful natrully i could not choose one thing because it is not that simple.

33. The loveliest memory we have together?

-When i got to propose to you at the place we first met. Full of love and excitement and ready for the next step in our life together. (Silja: Kyllä, menimme reissun viimeisenä kokonaisena päivänä kihloihin. :-))


Kommentit (4)
  1. vilmasuhonen
    1.12.2018, 16:19

    Tunnistan sut kaikista mutta 2,5,9,10 ja 11 iskostui ehdottomasti parhaiten XDDDDD love u

    1. Hahahahh XD love u too tsiku

  2. Ihana, ihana, ihana postaus!

    1. Hihi, kiitos! Kiva, että tykkäsit! 🙂

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