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visual diary

oh i love this home so much!

i´m often told that my home is such a girly girl place, but this takes it to the next level!

from ELLE espana, via iiiinspired-blog.


aivan täydellinen tyttökoti!


Tuulis (Ei varmistettu)

Well this still has some very masculine elements in it, that make a slight balance to the "big picture"; black leather, the sofa, the chairs (but not that one in the bathroom) and the desk are considered masculine, so they actually make it possible to play with the feminine elements and kind of overload them, as the basics can hold so much without the balance to break. Although it is interesting, that the overall atmosphere is so feminine, even though the basics are masculine; they have loaded so much femininity on top that the feeling has turned BUT the whole thing still works! Wow! Great designer! :)

visual diary

I agree! It´s the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.

Who ever designed this space, must be genoious! I could just move right in :)


Oi oiiii tuota kukkakortti -kokoelmaa tiilisenällä! Lööv <3

visual diary

niinpä! tässä asunnossa on kyllä niin monta yksityiskohtaa joita haluaisi tutkailla tarkemmin. olisipa ihana päästä tuonne kylään :)


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