visual diary

When I lived with my parents, we had dogs. So the moment I moved out, I wanted a cat.

Then, I got him. For 13 years now, it´s been like this:

When I try to take a sporty picture of my new running gear, he´s here.

When I buy new shoes, he´s here to test them.

When I try to go to work, he tries to stop me.

When I don´t so the dishes, he helps me.

When I have interior design crisis, he´s here to help.

When I´m lying on my sofa, he cheers me up.

When I buy new black&white sheets, he matches with them.

When I have hangover, he wants to watch SATC with me.

When Hesari goes tabloid size, he´s here to help me adjust to change.

When I wear all black&white, he matches.

When I have christmas stress, he´s here to help.

When I have yet another hangover, he never complains.

When I read too much, he distracts me.

When I buy new things, he´s always interested.

When I start sewing new sofa cushions, he´s the assistant design manager.

When I try to work at home, he looks at me like "really?"

When I feel like shit, he looks so cute that i just have to feel better.