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I think we all know the feeling of seeing something nice in design blogs and thinking, I want that, where can I get it? And then getting lost in some webshop and later realizing that ok, I don´t want to make that big of an effort to get it.

So here are some good news this time!

Design blog Poppytalk (founded in 2005, I honestly think it´s the FIRST design blog I´ve started to follow back then. And I still do. It´s a classic.) offers you free downloads of 6 botanical prints. These are so beautiful! If I had a greenhouse, I´d so put these on the wall.

So go clicking!


Poppytalk- blogi tarjoaa ihania ladattavia kukkaisprinttejä. Klikkaa itsesi tänne!




Maijaleena (Ei varmistettu)

Oo, kiitos vinkistä!

Lilou's Crush

Ihania! Kiitos vinkistä!


Oi että, kiitokset vinkistä!! :-)

visual diary

Olkaa hyvät kaikki :) Lupaan postailla lisää vastaavia, aina kun tielle sattuu!