Mies taskussa


Unohtuiko hankkia heila ystävänpäiväksi? 




Tässä olisi mistä valita! Eikä tarvitse ostaa sikaa säkissä, näistä taskumiehistä on tarjolla perustiedot: 


– Andrew: Andrew is looking for a lady to make him happy. Do you also like chocolate milk, puppies and velcro shoes? Can you pick Andrew up when he falls off his skateboard? (he’s still learning.) Please give Andrew a chance. His shoes may lack laces but his heart is in the right place.
– Claude: He’s a family man and badminton champion. Irons his boxers, secretly likes a good chick flick. 
– Clive: He’s wholesome and earthy. Makes scrambled eggs like no other. Very polite. A reader. Collects pens. Smells faintly of mothballs.
– Craig: Craig cooks a killer spaghetti bolognese and has hairy feet. Very good at hugging. Favours a hunting sock and a goosedown vest.
– David: It’s David the scientist here to be your pal. David’s good with numbers and great at planning, not so good with heights or cheese. Immaculate hair, smooth skin but often farts in public.
– Dominic: If you like spicy foods, he’s your man. He makes a killer picante. He has hair black as the night and owns two cats called Henry and Santiago. Keeps his home clean and his motorcycle shiny. 
– Eric: Graphic designer, bike enthusiast, vegetarian. Combs his beard. Collects vintage armchairs. 




MsSpanner tekee kaikkea pientä ihanaa, mm. just näitä taskumiehiä: 

If you’re lost without a manly man by your side, here’s your solution. A pocket manfriend! 

Take him anywhere with you for moral support. Lend him to a friend in need of a bearded companion. All the best bits about a manfriend in a pocket-sized format for portability.


Itse en just nyt koe tarvitsevani taskumiestä, mutta jonkun näistä mukeista voisin kyllä ottaa:







Loving everything from MsSpanner,

especially these Pocket men. 



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