baba souk

Baba souk is Montreal based indie design company.

We believe independent design is creative freedom, they say.

i love everything they do! and they ship internationally and have reasonable prices,

so i´m very tempted to try it…

Art Collage PouchCircus Baba Pillow

Small Treasure Baskets

Jimmy, The Friendly Hook

Ethnic Peter Pan Collar

Gold & Cube Necklace

The Abstract Art Pouch

Red Bird Baba Pillow


Kommentit (3)
  1. stephanie @BabaSouk
    5.5.2013, 21:06

    Thanks!! You too! Love your blog 🙂 xx

  2. Hi Stephanie! Oh, I´m so sorry! Now I´m wondering why I thought you´re from California 🙂 Maybe all of those summery colors and prints got me into California mood! But anyway, thanks for your comment. 

    Keep up the good work! 

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