Kuuban hotellit – vältä viimeiseen saakka

Kyselin vähän aikaa sitten täällä vinkkejä missä majoittua tulevalla Kuuban matkalla (ks. Mistä majoitus Kuubassa?). Sen jälkeen vinkkejä onkin tullut haalittua sieltä sun täältä, ja olemme kahlanneet läpi sivutolkulla arvioita ja kommentteja netin kautta tarjolla olevista majoitusvaihtoehdoista. Useimmat Kuuban hotellit näyttävät kuvissa todella kivoilta ja hulppeilta (keskityin Havannassa, Varaderossa ja Trinidadissa sijaitsevien hotellien tutkimiseen), mutta niiden saama palaute on lähes poikkeuksetta murskaavaa.

kuuban hotellit

Kuuban hotellit näyttävät hienoilta, mutta saavat rankkaa palautetta

“The hotel conditions and service were average, I had to ask several times for towels since each room had only two body and two face towels and didn’t seem to matter I had paid for two triple rooms, no towel service in the pool or beach area, things reported broken (a shower wall mount and a AC split unit) were never fixed. But I gave it a terrible rating due to the flies, the food in the buffet was always covered in flies, we were taking food from underneath and no eating things you couldn’t remove the top or peel, still we all ended with upset stomach, my son needed medical attention when we left the hotel due to severe vomiting. The saddest part is they didn’t seem to be bothered by it, doors were kept open while cleaning and no zapper or any other way to control the infestation was implemented in the room. The staff in the buffet was lazy excepting one guy I had to hunt the rest of them for drinks when I was about to finish my meal. Ice was a rare commodity, here I saw the first piña colada without frappe and the first warm rum coli. We had to take sandwiches from dinner to snack at night since there was no place to eat anything after dinner finished. I was told by staff conditions were improved usually during foreign tourism season (winter) I feel this is unfair and plainly wrong as every body is paying the same, even nationals. I knew I wasn’t going to a 5 star hotel but at least a clean healthy meal and standard drinks was a reasonable expectation. I would never come back to this hotel and I would never recommended to anybody.


“I am very disappointed. I am saying this comparing the hotel to international standards. And knowing there are not many better hotels in Trinidad. Maintance is a practise strange to Cuba. For all its good reasons. The waters at the beach was too warm to be cooling. And the water was far from clear. Staff seemed to have invited all their families to eat and use the facilities. And staff was openly eating in the restaurant, making lunch packages and sipping wine.


First, bring your bug spray for outside and in your room. I have been to this hotel a few times and I can see the improvement by management. The pool is being worked on along with the surrounding gardens. Management needs to designate a crew just for trash pick up around the hotel. It will be evident if they are not doing their job. Security is a joke. They allow outside guests the prime shade chairs on the beach because they are being “paid off”. Non-hotel visitors are drinking and eating the snack bar food, because Beach staff are getting it and selling it. A female friend was offered “alone time” by working staff. Most of the beach staff are hustling for favors, money or your personal property or clothing. — An older shorter cook at the grill likes to hustle for your jewrely or sunglasses. Don’t incourage his behavior by giving up your belongings. Internet rarely works. When something doesnt go right just remember “it’s Cuba”. Your experience may be better if you start with tipping everyone, you might get a smile. Beach location is good, service depends if you tip, and value is good if you drink.

brett-campbell-61762“This hotel was the last stop on our 2 week trip around Cuba, because it was Cuba we didnt have high expectations. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised the lobby looked nice but it all went down hill from here. The receptionist didnt even greet us on arrival,no information on the hotel etc. Our room was very basic, bathroom was flooded due to a leak in the roof, no hot water for our 5 days stay, a trickle of water when trying to shower. The balcony door didnt lock, curtains falling down, The hotel itself was in need of major repairs, broken tiles everywhere, pool was filthy we couldnt bring ourselves to get in. The restaurant was depressing, dark curtains, grim food, flies everywhere. We ended up eating out every night even though we were all inclusive. The staff at the bar did not want to be there it was like you were a nuisance for even wanting a drink that were undrinkable. Tiny plastic cups filled 3/4 with spirits just rotten. Staff at reception were so rude, so dismissive, ignored you, very unhelpful. The beach was only ok, very dirty people constantly annoying you trying to sell you stuff, people begging for soap etc. Just didnt feel like you could relax or switch off. I actually felt like crying towards the end to just go home. IT put a soar taste in our mouths and left us with a bad view of Cuba as it was our last impression before heading home.”


Ja tässä oli siis ihan vain muutama poiminta TripAdvisorista tai vastaavilta sivustoilta Myös suomalainen Travellover-blogia kirjoittava Annika kertoi kokemuksistaan all inclusive-hotellissa otsikolla Paratiisi suoraan helvetistä. Se kertoo aika paljon. Hän muun muassa pyysi hotellinsa allasbaarista light colaa ja gin & tonicia – vastauksena todettiin että ei oli light colaa, eikä gin & toniacaan annettu. Että sellaista palvelua ne Kuuban hotellit tuntuvat tarjoavan.

Kaikki Kuuban hotellit ovat valtion omistamia

Siinä missä 4-5 tähden all inclusive-hotellit saavat kävijöiltään arvosanaksi 2-3 tähteä, saavat kotimajoitukset (casa particulares) lähes poikkeuksetta 5 tähteä. Huoneet ovat epäsiistejä, hajonneita asioita ei korjata, ruoka on mautonta ja henkilökunta kertakaikkisen välinpitämätöntä. Ehkä poikkeuksiakin on, mutta suurin ongelman aiheuttaja on se että kaikki hotellit ovat Kuuban valtion omistamia. Pienet kotimajoitukset ovat sen sijaan yksityisten ihmisten pitämiä, ja he oikeasti välittävät vieraidensa viihtyvyydestä ja siitä, että he saavat asiakkaita jatkossakin. Kaikkialla suositellaan ottamaan kotimajoitus, jossa sinusta välitetään ja joka on vielä hotelleja huomattavasti halvempikin.

Niin me sitten teimme. Kirjoitin tämän kirjoituksen ennen itse matkaa, mutta meiltä jää nyt Kuuban hotellit suosiolla näkemättä. Olemme varanneet pari casaa Airbnb:n kautta – joko hyvien arvostelujen tai tutun vinkin perusteella. Alkaa joka tapauksessa vaikuttaa siltä että edessä on maa ja matka, jossa on parempi olla valmis tekemään kompromisseja. 😀

Lisää reissukirjoituksia löytyy Matkustaminen-hakemistosta.

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